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MAF/Tool group doubt (TOOL_LIST_DISPLAY activity) in SAP ME

Hi I have a problem. If I access the production POD in ME and I enter an order we get a list of work instructions:

If I click on the MFAs button, I see only two entries:

With this button the standard activity TOOL_LIST_DISPLAY is executed:

If we now see this in SAP HANA, with transaction co03 for the same order, we can see that there are more MAFs, why?:

Why does only the one ending in 029 match? How can i fix it to show the same entries?How is the assignment to operations done automatically through the R3-ME integration?,

thanks in advance,


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The original import of the order needs to be investigated as to which data was included in the IDoc and WS request. You'd rather submit a support ticket to carry out such analysis.