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List of Equipment with Ship-To

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Hi folks,

I am a simple SAP user with no programming or development authorisation or knowledge.

On my question I did some research here and did not come up with a solution which I was able to understand and try out. The answers I found seemed to require authorisations and/or knowledge I do not possess. So it is possible that I will be unable to do what I want, just because I can't use the required tools.

This being said, I would like to ask for a hint anyways. Maybe it is easier than I think.

I would like to achieve the following:

Find all Equipment which has no Ship-to party assigned to it. To do this, I try to

Generate a list of Equipment which shows the Ship-to party assigned to it.

I do have acces to IE01, IE02 and IE03.

The selection fields in IE02 or IE03 do have Ship-to party as a possible selection, so I could generate a list for each ship-to party and see the equipment assigned to it. Unfortunately that is not very helpful. I really like to see the equipment with no ship-to, and leaving the field empty will show me all equipments (or so I believe).

Is there an operator that shows only results where this field is EMPTY?

I did identify a column in the resulting list in IE02 / IE03 which is named "Customer Name 1 (SP)". I do believe now that this is the ship-to party. However sometimes the name is shown empty, and the corresponding equipment still does have a ship-to number assigned to it. What I am really looking for is the Ship-to NUMBER in an equipment list.

Any other way to generate an equipment list showing the partner function "ship-to party" in the results?

I would be grateful if there were any comments telling me what I could do about this. Thank you!

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