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Limit of 100 locations shown during Risk Identification

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When identifying risks, we first have to select a location - when nodes have a high number of 'child' locations associated, we only see the first 100.

Can this limit be changed, or will we have to modify the hierarchy?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Alan,

there are two answers for the issue you are facing:

  1. The list binding of the "Identify Risk" app has a default size of 100 items. This is a standard value when using a List in SAPUI5/Fiori. The behaviour is documented on the UI5 Reference page. The size limit of the list binding can be adjusted.
  2. In my previous EHS implementations, I have not seen a Location Hierarchy with more than 100 child-Locations per parent-Location. Even having 25k or more locations in the location structure, I would not suggest to have that many child locations. Maybe it is worth to look into the location structure.

How to proceed here? First, I would ask you to consider point 2. Then, you might need to raise a ticket to the SAP support to fix issue 1. Of course, I can't guarantee that the issue will be fixed with the support ticket.

With kind regards,


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