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Labeling: Concept to secure data without raw reports

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Dear colleagues,

we're currently replacing our GLM+ by a new labeling solution (one of the partners working with SAP in the Coinnovations) to be ready for a switch from Product Safety and Stewardship to Product Compliance according road map from SAP. We do this in advance to avoid doing too many things in the PC activation project.

Hence Tthe new solution does not work with raw reports (no WWI solution). Now we face the "issue" that esp. GHS data is not "frozen" on the raw report. As soon as new data is calculated in CG02 this data would be read from the property tree (old data is overwritten immediately) and it might not be released by the Product Steward or it might not fit on the label.

We can't use the new data directly as this is business requirement.

We have come up with a solution to secure the "old" released data in a separate table where the data is taken for label printing only.

I had support from SAP but there is no kind of best practice and I need to present possible options to my management.

I want to know if anyone else here does not label with GLM+ and has the same topic thata data needs to be frozen and what was the approach?

Best regards,


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Hello Gernot

coming back to EHS classic (or PSS as you have used as a term).

Let us do it "simple"... GHS is currently used in "regions". So we habe EU/REACh, GB, US and other regions etc.

Basicly: SDS is a "raw" report (this is a must) and "Label" is used as a raw report as well (in most of the cases)

Now it is a definition of "best practise" how to make "SDS/MSDS" and "label" in "sync".

The approach depends on your "starting" position. For Label: we do not have any "data provider" (WWI content). For SDS we have.

In PSS / EHS Classic a "Best Pratice" might be to "list" the SDS and linked "Labels".

The "next" step is: to define: what does "in sync" really means (not easy to define according to my experience(


Assuming you have one REAL_SUB and there are "GHS" related changes happening on the REAL_SUB. Now we have two situations: this is a "relevant" (relevant indicator set) and a "not relevant" change.

What shoud happend with the "MSDS" / "Label" ??? In most of the cases: if "GHS" data is changing: this is defined as "relevant" (to be communicated tothe downstream users of the chemistry).

Even under this conditions... if you talk to the product Stewards.. it is not always easy to define "what is in "sync""..

A quite helpful approach could be this....

a.) you have defined the "rules" (new MSDS is generated and you believe a new Label should be present)

b.) in most cases: the process starts with MSDS.

c.) in CG02 you have huge number of "extension" options (there are two "user Exits" to be used).

These two "exits" can be used like:

You do NOT use the "Create Report" option but you use the "exits" to generate the needed reports.

Now you can use the exist to generate (and release) in "one run" the needed MSDS and the needed Labels. You need "only" a "rule" to identiy the needed combinations

Now the Product Steward would have the accountiblity / responsibility to use the "exit" and in doing so: the MSDS (and any relevant label) will be in "sync" regarding the data used

THIS is only possible of you use a "raw report" for labels as well. If you use the "on fly" option for labels.. you still have the "same" problem.

But e.g. by using the "Status" options... (Status concept as used on specification header level) you could try to prepare a business concept which might help.

Other "management of change" concepts looks more on the "data" which is changed.

In a nutshell: any company solves (according to my assumption) the "problem" different (because of different SAP set up, organisational set up, the fact that the company does get help (e.g. from a "partner" of SAP) or not