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'Label Data' View in Material Master

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Dear Team,

I am working on GLM project.

Can anybody convey me, how to update / maintain the 'Label Data' View of Material Master in GLM. Data like, Label Category, Label Size, Number of Label etc...

which is the most common method being used for Label Data view?

I have tried to use the LSMW - Recording Method for the same but not successful. Faced some of below issues

  • we select the Packaging Unit ( e.g. DR-Drum) and activate it. but in LSMW every time, it is activating DR - Drum only as recording done for DR. But if i do the recording for DR - Drum & BT - Bottle and then executing the LSMW, then always both the packaging unit is getting acitivated. Here my requiremet is that, some material has one packaging unit and some material has 2 packaging unit. how to do it?
  • After activating the packaging unit, some material has one label category details and some material has 2 label category deails. How to achive it.

Can anybody guide me on the same.

Thanking You



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Amol,

We have developped a specific program called by a  specific transaction using a csv file with columns: material number, Primary pack unit, unit of measurement label category, label size, generation variant, number of label. From this csv our specific created a batch input to update the view label data of material master. With this csv file you can manage several label category for a same packaging unit by material (1 line by label category).

With this specific program we can create, update or delete view label data.



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Hi Ludo,

Thanks a lot for the quick reply.

Can you please elaborate bit more on the same...

Thanking You,



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Dear Amol

in context EHS we are not using LSMW. According to several Threads in this FORUM: LSMW is not the "prio one tool" to be used to solve EH&S demands.

To a certain extent Label View is part of/belongs to EH&S. Therefore im not sursprised to read that LSMW was not helpful . We have prepared a "similar" solution like Ludo has explained.

IMportant is the statement of Ludovic: you need some option to "create", "update" or "Delete" something.

Furthermore generally the LabelView is not a "good" UI and therefore many customers are thinking about changes in this UI and change it; if you have a large number of labels (and you have this situation (up to more than 10 entries is a common number.)) then you need to "change" content per material number. Now in most cases you have a REAL_SUB <=> Mat relation of 1 : 5 and any of the 5 material need the same label. Therefore you need to maintain 5 data record in material master etc.

PLease we aware of the fact that only by using ECC 6.0 EnhpAck 3 activated you will get change docs etc. by standard in the label view. Therefore if you have a SAP system to maintain master data (material master, EH&S data) one ERP system) you need to take care that changes in LabelView are distributed via ALE to ERP system

A further common demand in this context is: if you need to label on the e.g. drum e.g. 6 lables at max 3 of them contain EH&S data and we other only "parameter data" and especially these WWI documents are "painful" to be maintained in labelview)

With best regards


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HI Amol,

Best thing is to develop a custom program. we too have done the same.

Input parameters would be....


Packing Unit

Label Categ

Generation Variant

Label Size

No. of Labels

Validity Area 1

Validity Area 2

Validity Area 3

Material From.................To.................


In the Last field "Material From - .*........... (Should select the *)

at To the Multiple selection

Here it is designed with "Import from Text File".

By selecting that you can upload the Material data from your desktop, available in Text file.

Revert me, still you have any questions on this.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi All,

What is tcode to update this Label View of Material Master data?

MM02 when we use we dont have option to select specific UOM from the list for which we can upload or change Label specification.

Please help to provide more details on custom program developed. Which Tcode use or Which BAPI or function Module used.



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Hello Swapnil,

Please open a new separate question for this.



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Hello ,

please change the view to "SP" in material master and always create new query rather than asking in some old thread.