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Item and Project Attribute Synchronization works only for one language

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We have an issue with Attribute Synchronization of Item and Project Definition (Project Management). When we assign a name and a description to an Item in two languages and then save it, we expect all attributes set to be assigned to Project (the synchronization is customized), but only one language is moved via synchronization.

In the Field Mapping customizing the mapping has been carried out (Portfolio Item SHORT_TEXT to Project Definition SHORT_TEXT and Portfolio Item PROJ_DESCRIPTION to Project Definition DESCRIPTION).

How can we ensure that both languages are moved from Item to Project for fields Name and Description.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Community,

In order to synchronize the "Name" and "Description" between item and project in multiple languages, you need to map the additional multilanguage attributes "DESCRIPTION_ML" and "SHORT_TEXT_ML" in the customizing "Attribute Synchronization":

> Portfolio and Project Management
> Common Functions
> Decision Flow Management Settings
> Attribute Synchronization
-> select Source Main Grouping PPO Source Subgrouping PPO
-> maintain field mapping from field DESCRIPTION_ML to target field DESCRIPTION_ML in target grouping/subgrouping PDCP/PDCP
-> maintain field mapping from field SHORT_TEXT_ML to target field SHORT_TEXT_ML in target grouping/subgrouping PDCP/PDCP

Then do the same with source grouping/subgrouping PDCP/PDCP and target PPO/PPO to synchronize the multilanguage description and name also in the other direction.

SAP Support

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