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Issues in Substance Volume Tracking; Scenario Production

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Dear all

in the last years I have asked several time for support regarding SVT production. I never received an answer. As the issues are still there I try now again (and then may be will start OSS dialog if i do not get answer).

This is our finding in using SVT scenario production:

The process seems to have problems with "by- and or co products". Example:

One main product is produced together with a by product.

Imagine this; 10 t of main product should be produced an 5 to of by product (to make it simple: both should have 100% component A or B)

Now the goods movements are done. At the end e.g. 9 t of main product is produced and 4 t of by product and the production order is closed (Status "TECO").

If i check now the data: the difference of 1 t of by product still shows up as "planned value" for the production order.

This is happening for at least two different regulations. So this seems to be an issue in the process which i can not explain.

Any idea why this is the finding and how to avoid it as now the tracking is showing to "high values" ? (the planned values should be not existing any more).


PS: we are using a "more or less" current SAP ERP release version; I could not find any OSS note related to our issue

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Hello CB,

Some one explained it,

Co-Product: Valuable material generated during a production run together with other valuable materials

By-Product: Product that is produced incidental to the production process of other products. You enter by-products in the material list of a primary product or process material with a negative value.

This is completely depends on the process how the are handling the numbers , EHS FMs will track only the numbers based on the Goods movement.

This is strange case and we cannot comment on this deeply without knowing the entire PP process,

I hope this will give some hints.



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Dear Satya

as we are using SVT in context if a huge number of regulations (> 5) we need a stable process; I am not sure if our finding is related to the fact that we do not use SVT process by "standard" (and enhanced a lot); i have some doubts (like you may be) that there is still some potential "defect" in PP and EHS SVT process integration. Currently we have the feeling that may be sometimes the "core" tables (which are used for PP integration) are not always receiving an "update" and therefore the SVT process can not detect properly that the production process ended.

Any how...only chance to handle this is a "permanent retracking" process as the volumes as aggregated are currently to high and the business can not really use the data delivered by SVT "without any check".. and this check is really very very time consuming

We still wil invest some time to understand the reasons better.. as this is not a "good" process