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Is there any way to limit the number of RFC calls from xMII to SAP R/3

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Hi All!

I wanted to know whether the number of simultaneous RFC connections made from xMII to SAP R/3 system can be controlled in any way. Suppose we have a scenario wherein some million Sales Orders or Production Orders are to be updated in SAP R/3 from xMII in a short span of time. For all these updations to take place, multiple RFC calls will be established from xMII to SAP at the same time. This will increase the load on the SAP R/3 system and affect performance of the SAP R/3 system. Is there any check on xMII side to limit the number of RFC calls that can be made to SAP R/3 system?



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If you are using 11.5 just keep in mind that the JCO connection points to a single application server (based upon the SAP Server alias connection settings), but the traffic itself to make a BAPI request is effectively the same as any client user traffic. There will obviously be limitations on performance and throughput, with network and server constraints added to the number and size of the R/3 requests, but there is no magic formula to plug-in because of all of these variables.

If you are using 12.0 (or plan to migrate when it goes GA) then taking advantage of the JRA (java resource adapter) and the associated application server pooling that it offers on the NetWeaver side of things will greatly help you in the throughput capacity.

If you have put some of your xMII application into either test or productive use and are running into issues then I would highly recommend entering the specifics into the customer / partner support portal so that they can help you through any associated problems.


Jeremy Good

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When would this type of scenario ever happen?

Wouldn't it make more sense to just update R/3 as the sales orders are created rather than as a batch job.

The JCO calls to R/3 are pooled so you can just leave the connection open and execute the updates.

However to limit, i would assume a little bit of Business Logic magic would work. Maybe determine how many updates you will perform and then break that down with a for-loop into smaller batches. Just an idea.

I would def. explore some alternatives to performing a million updates in a short period of time.