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Is there a limit on amount of properties that are visual in the property tree?

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In RM i have assigned 70 characteristics to a specific class. all these values are visible in the value assignment table (TCG11_VAI), however when I go to the workbench in recipe management (RMWB) then I can see only 65 positions.

Is there a limit that is visible and can this be increased?

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Hi davidswillen

I am not aware of such a limit. We have almost 500 attributes in one of our property trees. But to Mark's point on usability, we've structured them more or less by 'relevance ranking' using the level definition (TCG53-TLEVEL) and only display +-30. The rest users can expand Other ->... Other ->...etc.

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Hi davidswillen

I believe there is/was a limit - but I think this is at closer to 100 characteristics. I think the ALV can only hold 99 fields - and normal you have some other fields like sort, usage etc.

I would suggest deleting all entries for this class via the customizing activity 'Set Up Table-Based Value Assignment' and getting them regenerated by the system using the option to generate entries.



P.s: I think 70 characteristics is 'sub-optimal' from a usability perspective ....