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input help: missing specification type

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In SAP_EHS, in the input help (F4) of the fiels specification type (TCG31_INTRFLG), I am not able to see all specifcation types of the table TCG31.

Do you know how to add, for exmple, specification type DG_CL_SUB in the input help for the field specification type of the Tcode CG02?



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there can be a number of reasons why you can not see the spec types in this F4 help. Starting from I believe EH&S 2.7 a new concept has been introduced.

From that time on EH&S does differentiate between a

Specification Category

and a

Specification Type

and there is the need to do some customizing to make it work. With ECC 6.0 furthermore there are now "Two" transactions.

One is CG02 (replacing the old Cg02/Cg03/CG04) in which you normally maintain REAL_SUB etc. and a further transaction (CG02BD) with which you can maintain other "Specification categories".

The selection in F4 help you are looking at heavily depends on the customizing you have specified. Normally if you are using cg02 and you can not find DG_CL_SUB my assumption would that there is potentially a mismatch in customizing.

The "Specification category" is now used in nearly any basic EH&S customzing (user exit, identifier etc.) and if you do not care here the selection options (F4 helP) will be different at many places.

So my proposal would be: control the set up of customizing regarding "Specification type".

DG_CL_SUB should be assigned to "SUBSTANCE" as the Specification category (same as REAL_SUB etc.)

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Thank you very much for your reply.

I have finally found the origin of my issue thanks to the SAP note 955415.


Table TCG13

Check what values are entered in table field TCG31-INTRFLG. There

should be no empty entries.

An 'N' has to be maintained for all specification types.

The only exceptions are specification types HAZ_MAT and TASK. For

these, you must enter 'Y'.

As of EH&S 3.2, you can maintain table field TCG31-INTRFLG in

Customizing under the IMG activity 'Industrial Hygiene and Safety

-> Risk Assessment -> Specify Agent Types' using the 'Only EHS-IHS'


Best Regards


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