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Inheritance relationships could not be deleted

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Dear Expert,

I am trying to delete the Inheritance relationship but getting following error.

As mentioned in the error information, i did check the 'Additional Informaton' but do not have any background job pending, Also Pused the 'Restart' inheritance button but no success.

Can anyone please guide me genrally which background job runs for inheritance? which ABAP proram attached to it? I did checked RC1R0INH but no such job is scheduled in this landscape.

Can you please guide me how to get rid of this error.

Thanking You,



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Dear All,

I am going through the SAP help and there it is mentioned that,

The next background job for the inheritance deletes the inheritance relationship from the header data of the source and target specifications

Which is this Background Job? Does anybody know which ABAP Program is attahced to this Background Job or which " Start at Event" or "Start at Job" must be linked?

this will help to search this back ground job in my system using SM37

Kindly do the needful.



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Hi Amol,

You can check 2 things, which could go wrong in your case.

1. Authorization Issues - While the inheritance relation ship deletion, program call the function - "C14J_ADD_AUTH_CHECK", which again call the function -

   'C1F2_USAGE_ESTRH_AUTH_CHECK' at table level authorizations.

2. EA-PLM (PLM extension) switch must be active -

while deleting the line item, system call the function - GET_R3_EXTENSION_SWITCH, whihc will check the EA-PLM switch active or not.

There is no any batch job other than RC1R0INH, related to inheritance function.



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Dear Amol

with ECC 6.0 EnhPack 3 EH&S Business Function activated INheritance was optimized. Please check customzing set up (Set up of inheritance job); may be check :

May be read cross here:

Most important fact from that help


You have processed the IMG activity Set Up Job for Inheritance in Customizing for Basic Data and Tools and scheduled the inheritance report to be event-controlled as described there.

●      The data to be passed on cannot be locked by another user. Under Specify Environment Parameters in Customizing for Basic Data and Tools, you can use the environment parameter INH_JOB_DELAY to specify after how many minutes the background job for the inheritance is rescheduled if data is locked.

Check may be as well:

Therefore potentially data is still locked by somebody etc.