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Ingredients are not sorting in composition section

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In the composition section for a certain chemical the sorting functionality is not working ,how can this be rectified?

Ingredients are rounding up from 0.0075 to 0.0008 as a reason the over all quantity is increased from 100.000% to 100.003%. wanted to increase the decimal value from 4 places to 5 places

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I did not catch your problem. In the screen you can "sort", "filter";change sequence of columns etc. etc. This is standard. So it should be possible to sort by column "average value" (but this is only handled during user action, after you "sorted": this is not stored in database)

YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER Change the data type of the value (increase by one digit in your example): This is a "modification" and you should avoid this (as it does have to many impact on to many follow up processes). This is really a (from my point of view) critical modification !

In some Release (in some Support Package / Enhancement package) SAP delivered the option to "count" (and to check if you are 100% or not). This is shown in your screenshot. (and this option is really a very nice option to be used for VATs of type "composition".


We have database tables structures and we have "calculating" options. It is very common that because of the "algorithm" used for calculation you might get valus as 100,0001 (instead of your wish to get 100.0000). You should not invest time here but just accept

This "rounding" issue is not related to EHS as such but because of the fact that we have "floating point" values and then we have "database structures" etc.