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Identifier description is WWI Template

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Dear SAP Experts,

I have a requirement to display Identifier output with Category as NAM and Type lets say PROD and language EN.

The output maintained in the specification is with Language DE as Ammoniumchlorid. Output is neither maintained with Language EN or Blank.

I have maintained symbol GESTRIDENT in the WWI Template with Category as NAM and Type as PROD

Now I try to generate the Report with Language EN. When I see the result I do not see the output in the Report.

Is there a way to display output maintained in DE when one is trying to download the report in language EN?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rohan,

you cannot output data that are not maintained. With neither an English nor a language independent NAM PROD there will be no output in English. The only possibility is to output the English one, if maintained, else output the German one, which can be done using a G-repeating group for changing the language. Don't forget, in this case, to adjust your generation variant.

Best regards,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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I believe even by use of an "Identification listing" you will not the wished result

So the "G Group" is a good option (refer to the answer of Ralph) to look at (but keep in mind the hint of Ralph regarding the small change of generaration variant

This is all SAP Standard. Clearly you could try to prepare a customer specfic report symbol to do the job.. but why?


PS: May be check deeper the SAP approach for handling "Trade Secret".. (there is a blog refering to the "Trade Secret solution"; here you have a "similar" story (not 100% the same but in the same direction). Here the story is the other way around: You have the data but you are not willing to print it.. So if you still believe it is worth to look for a "customer specific solution". Check the trade secret solution delivered by SAP