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it is possible to set upper specific limit and lower specific limit in ichart?


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If all you are trying to accomplish is to add a pair of horizontal limit lines to your trend chart (essentially not real limits but just visible desired boundaries) there is no need to use an iSPCChart, just add them to the dataset being returned by your query and the chart will draw them. You should be able to do this quite easily in a SQL statement or as Calculated Columns in a BLS transaction. Then simply add these two new columns to the ValueColumns mapping area.



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To add to Jeremy's suggestion, you only need 2 points (for straight line limits). Make sure that the x value of the first point of your limit is equal to the x value of the first point of your data set. Do the same for the last point.

You can even leave the data points for your limits in a separate Rowset and the iChart will draw them.

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It is not possible to set USL and LSL in iChart. For this the SPC charts are quit useful.

But still you wnat to do this in iChart means you have to use the custom chart.

The query should return the values along with USL and LSL.

For example Serial No, Data value, USL and LSL.

In pen details tab change the pen type as

data value - Marker

USL and LSL - Line.

In the general tab specify the marker size and marker style. So that the chart shown with the USL and LSL with data points. But this is not at all usefull for any type of analysis.

<b>The best solution is USE iSPCChart</b>.

Hope this helps for you.


Kishore kumar P.S.