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Hundreds of MII located in plants connected to one ECC

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Hello everybody.

Do some of you have any experience about connecting many MII (more than on hundred) connected to one central ECC using JRA ?

Are there specific points of care on which we must be vigilant ?

In particular could ECC be a bottleneck when hundred of MII make simultaneous RFC calls ?

Any advice or help would be appreciated ?

Thanks to all for your attention.

Best Regards.

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I think your question may have more to do with the overall number of transactions you are trying to process to ECC. If you are passing transactions from every plant and several times a minute, you will definitely need to talk to your Basis folks about resource conflicts. Actually, that is probably a good place to start anyway.

An option which might be useful depending upon the capacity and loads already on your network is to set up a master MII installation colocated with your ECC system.

We had a discussion some time ago on architecture topics and you may find it worthwhile to glance at it. I keep meaning to write a blog, but other demands seem to get in the way.

[System Architecture Choices|]

Good luck,