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How to see Netweaver Log viewer logs in MII transaction?



For some back end monitoring process, we need to see or process the logs from Netweaver Log viewer page. Like based on messages in logs, we need to send alert. Are these logs are storing in some Netweaver DB tables or as tracer files? Do we have any Illuminator service for this?

How can we see / process these logs in transaction? Can you please help?



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Most if not all of the logs produced by netweaver are written to various files on the servers file system. There is not a built in service or functionality in MII to read the logs.The formats of the files are pretty standard for java applications and can be parsed by most 3rd party log viewers/readers. Dealing with the logging system in the way you are asking will probably require a bit if research and effort if you aren't going to leverage an existing or 3rd party monitoring tool. I know at a basis level there is functionality in nw to monitor for certain performance/technical issues so depending on what you are trying to do there may be something at that level to help you. You would probably get some better comments if you provided more information on what exactly you are trying to monitor for.


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These logs can be found in the file directory where the netweaver server is located. usr/sap/... it's not in a database but just log files.
What kind of logging do you need? Are the logs coming from other MII transactions? In that case you could catch those errors and store them in a database before ending the transaction. And retrieve the relevant errors from said database.