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How to modify java source code for MII Workbench program

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I am new to development with SAP MII Workbench but I understand it was developed in Java. I am wondering if there is a way to view/modify the underlying Java source code that is created when building transactions in the SAP MII workbench?

The GUI based drag and drop method of programming feels very limiting and I would like more flexibility to be able to modify the code directly. Is this possible?

Thank you

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Not in any practical or supported way. The transactions themselves are stored as xml and you could export and modify the xml but I don't think that would get you what you want. On some level I am sure there is serialization going on but I don't know how proprietary it is and if its worth it to try and RE it to a point that you could develop your transactions directly with Java.

The supported way to inject java into MII transactions is to develop a custom action. The SDK is available on the main MII admin menu under Content Development --> Tools and Archives --> Custom Actions SDK

You can also implement a custom EJB that can be called via the EJB Callback action: