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how to make automatic field works ends on in iw41 have same date with basic fin in iw31

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hi expert, i want to make iw31 field basic fin 07.04.2022 have same date in works ends on in iw41 by automatic. do you know to fix it in config?

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Work Order dates what an interesting subject. What you are asking is not standard configuration and you need to understand the purpose of the dates because a WO has approx 14 dates.

The Basic start & Finish dates are for 'When we think the work will happen' In config these can be driven by the Order start (Scheduled date) or the Operation dates or be stand alone. (Config Transaction - OPU7)

These dates are purely for scheduling the WO and have no connection to Time Confirmations.

In the WO if you select this button in the Date area you will see several Dates. The Time Confirmation Start and End dates drive the Actual Start and Finish Date.

This is Project Management 101 so if you need to report Scheduled vs Actual you can.

All these dates are available in the List Edit layouts for reporting.

Hope this helps