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How to get WWI as default generated report in P03

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I have a costumer, who has issues with WWI reports, since the last SAP update.

The main issue is when she tries to generate a report from P03, she gets the reports in RTF type by default.

I compared the wwi.ini files with other wwi.inis where the default is set to WWI, but there was no difference in the parameters.

Do you know maybe, how is it possible to get the reports in WWI at default?

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please check orint scenario settings in customizing. There you can switch between pdf or rtf

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i must "read between" the lines. To "open" a report you can use (in most cases)

CG02 (Create report from template

CG54 (Report information system)

CG50 (Report Management system)

WWI is a "huge complex" topic. Including "how to manage reports" (using DMS etc.)

You can prepare "normal" WWI reports and you can prepare "inbound" reports.

Please describe better your starting position so that may be somebody can help


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Hello Maura,

I assume:

  • you want the display in PDF format - as WWI will always work based on RTF files
  • you have a synchronous WWI Server in place that works and previously converted the RTF files to PDF before displaying them to the users.

If the user gets presented a PDF or RTF depends on two settings:

  • EHS Environment Parameter
  • User Parameter ESWWI_INS: ESWWI_INS can have the values WWISERVER and EXISTFRONT - this needs to be set to WWISERVER for PDF generation

I assume that the User Parameter is not set anymore as I have seen them being removed during system updates.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Set-Up a synchron WWI Server as described in the WWI Coobook

  2. Read
  3. Set the EH&S Environment Parameter WWI_INSTALLATION to one of the following values according to your requirements:
    1. WWISERVER: Reports for display are generated on the WWI Server.

    2. EXISTFRONT: Reports for display are generated locally on the front-end PC, provided that a local WWI installation exists. Otherwise they are generated on the WWI Server.

  4. If you set WWI_GENSERVER_SYN_WEB_APPL to "PDF" a PDF file will be displayed instead of an RTF/DOC/DOCX file.

Please note:

  • The value of the environment parameter WWI_INSTALLATION is only read if no value is entered in the user parameter ESWWI_INS (ESWWI_INS can have the values WWISERVER and EXISTFRONT).
  • ESWWI_INST automatically contains a value as soon as the first report is generated or displayed.
  • If the value in the user Parameter ESWWI_INST is initial, it takes the value from the environment parameter WWI_INSTALLATION for the first generation process and must then be adapted.

Hope that helps


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Hello Maura,

Did they upgrade WWI as well mostly the synchronous WWI server handles PDF generation, check if there any changes there..and check environment parameter as well for WWI syc server.