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How to generate a SPC Chart for PP Routing with QM Operation?

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Dear ME community,

This is a follow up question since we are stuck with this issue. We reached out to you earlier and would be great to hear any thoughts from anyone that has used SPC Charts in connection with auto-generated DC Groups for Shop Orders with QM Operations from S4.

Quick setup overview:

  • S4 105 SP2 integrated with ME 15.4 SP28 using LOIPRO via MEINT
  • PP Routings in S4 are defined with QM Inspection Operations containing Master Inspection Characteristics
  • Once the Shop Order is released in ME we get a SFC and an auto-generated DC Group for Shop Order/Operation combination.
  • We perform manual DC for the Parameter (Inspection Characteristic) listed in the auto-generated DC Group

The SPC Chart is being generated for 1 data point because we only have 1 reading in our Data Collection.

Question: What is point of generating SPC Charts when we have auto-generated DC Groups if we cannot capture data points across several Shop Orders and Operations?

Looking forward to hear your thoughts. Thank you in advance.

Best Regards from DK, Daniel

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Of course, there is no point for generating a chart on a single parametric value. But if you wanted to ask why it works this way, the answer is that SAPMEINT design does not consider usage of SPC. That simple. So, to make it work out of the box, an enhancement is needed.

What you can do as a workaround:

- use MII directly to generate a chart. You need to know how SPC works in MII and just push a needed dataset built on direct retrieval from ME WIP tables;

- use regular DC Groups in ME instead QI DC Groups if you can come up with a proper mapping between them. This might need to customize XSLT or other parts of a workflow in SAPMEINT.



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Hi Sergiy,

Thank you very much for your thoughts, indeed you confirm our concerns here. We will try to explore:

Option A) with creation of a custom SPC Chart Template in MII for the auto-generated DC Group.

Option B) would be very hard to implement for us. We want to receive QI data back into S4 hence we should avoid disturbing the workflow that handles the subsequent step that sends parametric data as Inspection Characteristic results. If we go ahead and use regular DC Groups this would also mean: i) duplicated effort to maintain and keep in sync master data across S4 and ME with maintenance of specification limits, etc.; ii) custom solution to hand over parameter data from regular DC Group to QI DC Group; iii) duplicated data collection parameters requested to be captured in POD since we would have now 2 DC Groups instead of just 1.

All the above is hardly ideal. We believe that integration between auto-generated DC Groups and SPC could be a focus for future improvement by SAP owners otherwise this represents a major hurdle for tight S4-ME integration scenarios like ours.

We will update the ME community as we go along.Best Regards from DK, Daniel

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