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How to enable Relaxed Flow flag in Routing Maintenance in SAP ME


Hello Experts,

I need to change the flag of "Relaxed Flow" of a Routing in SAP ME using SAP MII transactions or XSLT.

I am using the below versions :

SAP MII : 15.2 SP0 Patch 4

SAP ME : Base Counter 201809031233

So, basically the idea is that whenever a LOIPRO04 IDOC comes, we have to enable the checkbox of "Relaxed Flow" in Routing Maintenance in SAP ME.

Below are the things i have tried :

1) Created SAP MII Transaction in which I read the routing using "readRouter" PAPI call and then I update the same routing using "updateRouter" PAPI call. This approach is not working.

2) Tried to make some changes in Request XSLT of Production Order(LOIPRO04). In that request, I am making changes in "<meint:Routing>" node. This node already has few segments like "<sch:EffectivityControl>", "<sch:CurrentRevision>". I am trying to add another segment "<sch:RelaxedFlow>" and passing it's value as "true". But, when the IDOC gets processed, the flag still remains "false" in Routing of the processed shop order.

Please help.

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Hello, is this problem solved? We have the same problem and need your help