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How to Configure and Make MSDS Work

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Dear EHS Experts,

I would like to seek your additional inputs on how MSDS is configured in SAP. Just to highlight that I'm new to this module. I'm currently catering SD module for a petroleum company. One of the tasks that we need to address is to make MSDS work. To be specific, the client wants to send MSDS to all customers upon go live, prior to the delivery of the product for new customers and every after 3 years from the customer has been created. Currently im using  SAP Logon 7.30 and my client uses ECC 6.0. I believe 7.30 has resolved the manual configuration of WWI compared with the other older versions. I was able to access tcode CG42 but I havent touched any configuration yet as I can really identify where and how should i start. When trying the said tcode and create a new Report Template, what i did is just populated the Template/version field with something and the Description field as well and saved it. After saving it, i ticked the document icon and directed me to Edit Report Template screen. I tried typing something on the blank word document and saved it and an error message prompted me saying that "error occurred while saving the document template: save again" and "File extension WWI not allowed for workstation application WWI". Please see screenshots for more details.

Please let me know your thoughts on this as i might in the wrong track and started with the wrong procedure. Perhaps it would help me more if you could provide me a step by step so i would know that I really on the right direction.

Thank you so much for your help and im hoping for your soonest response.

Kind regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Mark,

It is difficult to explain, without error message No.

pls., check the error message Number and update.

for your first attachment (error message) -

There could be lot of reasons, that you are not able to save the template.

Here it is integration part between SAP EH&S and SAP DMS. and you must have the suitable word versions with word macro security.

I would suggest you to run the report "RC14SXDVSCHECK", executes the document management functions in our system for document types and document statuses. You will come to know, what is going wrong.

Second Attachment -

whenever you open the template and edit, system considers as some changes happened.

similar to word document (after changes, if you would like to will ask you to save the changes before closing).

Here in WWi templates - after every change, and before must press the "Check"button (top left corner on the screen).

then system will check, any of the symbol wrongly added to the template etc.,

any such kind of symbol placed wrongly, system will not allow you to check in the template...til you remove/ modify the symbol.

make it as a practice "check" before saving the template.



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Hi Kamal,

Thanks for the guidance. right now, i'm able to save the file and even ticking the release button. Can you please guide me to the next step? Thanks much.

Kind regards,


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Dear Mark

If I understand correct you now have an empty WWI report template? If this is correct: you need to understand the basic idea of using WWI and how to use it and how it is related to the EH&S database, especially in the context of safety data sheet.

a.) EH&S does have a data model using e.g. identifiers, materials and value assignement types (know as properties as well) etc.

b.) one important part of EHS is "phrase management"; and you need to understand this too to later generate a WWI layout etc.

c.) each if these data elements is related to a so called report symbol which is neeed later to retrieve the data from the data base

Without a full training in WWI technique you will may be not succeed to prepare a MSDS template.

Now as you are coming from SAP SD you need to understand: you can not compare WWI to smartforms, sapscript or other similar techniques. On high level it is the same. Any of these tools is used to collect data from data base and combine the data as part of the document. Any of the tools use some "definition" part (here the WWI layout) and yna of them can  be enhance by you using SAP standard techniques

You can check e.g.:

as on starting point.

On: and especially in this subchapter

you will find examples how WWI can be used to generate a MSDS

Proposal from my side: start simple and try to learn using simple example how to use WWI layouting.


MAy be check: as well; you will many threads here on this discussion platform discussing WWI etc.

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Dear Kamal and Christoph,

Thank you so much for your inputs. Im starting to get enlightened because of you however i still have a lot to learn to meet our client's need. Kindly bear with me as I really dont have a knowledge on this and for sure ill be still asking more inputs from you.

Kind regards,


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