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How to add node details to the feeder class parameters

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I have a requirement to add new fields to a form UIBB.

Right now this form UIBB is enhanced an it contains only Title and no node details attached to it.

Now i want to add an existing node structure to the feeder class parameters. please let me know how to add these.

So that i can add all my new fields to the corresponding structure of the node.

Kind Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Lakshmi,

in general, most of the component configurations in EHSM will already have a pre-defined business object and node (or an FBI View as a wrapper for both) configured in the feeder class parameters. If a certain component configuration does not have this configuration set, it might be for technical reasons or the respective information is set directly by the feeder class. In any of the cases, configuring a business object and node as an enhancement might not be a good idea.

To configure a business object and node, you have to make sure that the feeder class is based on the class CL_EHFND_FBI_GUIBB_FORM or CL_EHFND_FBI_GUIBB_LIST (or a subclass of these) which allow to configure a business object and node.

With kind regards,


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