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How EHS Functions Mapped into SAP

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Hi, Please inform the detailed description on - How EHS Functions Mapped into SAP??

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EH&S does have a number of "submodules". In addition to what has been explained:

Main integration is into the SAP modules MM, SD, PP, QM, BP ....

E.g. Recipe Manage and GTS are linked to EH&S as well.

Further infos can be obtained (on a high level) here:

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Hi Chandrasekar,

A little addition to the friend already said, Environment, health and safety (EHS) that covers environmental protection, occupational health and industrial hygiene and safety. This includes the following areas:

u2022 Protecting the health and safety of the employees in your company

u2022 Protecting the environment from the dangers inherent in running a company

u2022 The safe disposal of hazardous waste

u2022 The safe transport of dangerous goods

u2022 The safe handling of potentially dangerous products by customers and consumers

Companies all over the world are having to observe growing numbers of rules and regulations in the areas of safety and the environment. SAP u2013EHS offers the integrated solution for health, safety and environmental protection in the following functional areas u2013

u2022 Product safety

u2022 Dangerous goods management

u2022 Waste management

u2022 Industrial hygiene and safety

u2022 Occupational health

The EHS is one of the functional key area under PLM in SAP.

thanks & regards,



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Hello Mahesh,

Small correction....

EHS does not fall under PLM now a days. Though it can be accessed b activating PLM extension but there is separate licensing policy for EHS from SAP.



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Hello Chandra sekhar,

Please visit following URL for SAP's offering in EHS: