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How does Vendor being choosen in MRp creation of Planned Order

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hi Guru

We have change the vendor in our material source list.

We noticed in md04 the planned order NB created still used the older vendor not th new one.

Out material is a subcon finished product, mrp type is pd, procurment type is F, strategy group is 40. Bases on process in subcon we have purchase req if th demand is via so, planned order if th demand is indreq vsf.

The source list right for the material is two the new one is tick as fixed and mrp relevant 1, the old is not tick as fixed nor block.

Why does the new vendor of the source list was not pick by the planned order? Only those purcahse order it pickup correctly? Please help

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make sure the Valid from / Valid to

values are correct and a 'Source' data is right for your new vendor in ME03

did you also check your new vendor in XK02 (Pur. org data) ?