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High volume Printing for GLM?

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I understand from various sources GLM can support high volume label output provided the correct enhancements and support packs are installed and configured.  This may include updates to WWI.  We are currently running ECC6 EHP5, SAP_BASIS 10, EHSM 3, WWI 2.7

I would like to get this communities inputs.  Our requirement is to generate >2000 identical labels via GLM.  WWI processing today is long (5+min) and the output is large.  Ideally system would generate 1 label with indication to print 2000 times.  Our labels include barcodes and symbols and can be complex.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Richard

topic of "high volume printing using GLM" has been addressed e.g, in these threads:

Check e.g.

and may be as add on:

For GLM with EnhPack 7 a lot of improvements are now availlabe. Check as well:

On high level: by using higher release you should get the result you are looking for.


PS: regarding WWI;: the most important fact is the "patch level"; WWI is enhanced/updated nearly any 6 months (roughly); if possible always use current WWI version

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Dear Richard,

If you print 2000 labels with GLM and your template does not include any sequence number or sequential data definition GLM would generate just1 label with indication to print 2000 times as you expect.

I would assume that you WWI template or report body includes a sequence number or sequential data definition and in such a case the system generates really a 2000 page document. This will happen also if you don't provide sequence number or sequential data.

Best regards


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Dear Richard,

The functions of GLM is well explained as Christopher said and using GLM, you can print labels more than 10000 witha  sequential data output. To support such large quanitity of data to be printed on labels, you may need a special printers like the Zebra High volume printer. The WWI server is equipped to print large volume of labels using specific printer plugins.

High volume printers can be used to print print requests with print files that are too large or that contain more than 32,768 labels to be printed. The HVP is designed as a printer driver for Microsoft Windows and is connected to the label printer via a plug-in.

With the HVP, only one page with all static data is sent to the printer. The HVP then receives all of the sequential data via an interface and automatically supplements the sequential data in the printout. The HVP also integrates changing bar codes or texts in the printout.

The Zebra 170Xi4 is one of most popular, industrial-strength printers on the market. This rugged metal unit prints 1-color labels up to 6.6" wide, with 300 dpi print resolution in thermal or thermal transfer mode. Its extra processing power equates to speeds up to 12 inches-per-second. This one is perfect for tough applications including compliance labels, product labels, and shipping labels.

For further information, please check the links below

EHS - Continuous Improvement for Global Label Management - Logistics - SAP Library