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GLM - Serial Number Hide

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Dear Experts,

I do have a requirement where i need to hide the serial number based on phrase.

We have a custom filed to which counties are mapped through phrase management.  For each country, one phrase is created.

Now, when the Phrase is China - CUST.00000000001234 then only i need to suppress or hide the serial number on label, otherwise, in rest of the all cases, serial number should print.

As a standard, we generally go for Blank Compression or Conditional Output

Black Compression works only when the specified value is Blank but in this case, it is not blank, China phrase is there so this method we may not use.

Conditional Output: I am planning to use this one, here we can set a condition to look for specific phrase e.g CUST.00000000001234 but after fulfilling this condition, how we should tell to system to hide the serial number. As I know, in general, conditional output works like -  if condition is fulfilled - print 'A' else 'B'.

Can anybody please advise me here..

Thanking You,



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Dear Amol

if i read cross

solution seems to be "simple": This is the example shown

<15BIF001(AND:01G1013005VA GE 1)><01G1013005VA(;*/TL)[D:Value]>

<15CIF001><03EHS_L_TEXT(CUST-100000000000031)[D:Density is less than 1]>


the "else" part starts with 15CIF001;

Therefore if you test for phrase; in your case anything but not the phrase xy;

I believe in your case you would use "AND" operator and test for "exising the phrase; then you need no print of serial numer within if end else; in the else/endif  part you would like to print

I believe simply try it. I hyve nether used the "LK" or "EQ" operator; i would assume you need to check for phrase key; But i am not sure; sorry

Hope ´this helps


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Hello Amol,

Can you please tell me first how to output serial number in template from the production order .