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GLM label printing

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Hi Experts,

I have a question related to how the GLM processes the final label output. When I give command to print 50 labels, I see that GLM generates a big file with 50 copies of the same lables and send that to the printer? this takes a long time for the system to process, it adds to netwrok burden as well. Normal printers send 1 copy of the files to the printer and printer repeats the print job for 50 times. have you come across this issue in GLM ? or I am missing any parameters or settings?



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we have the same topic with 1080 Labels which takes almost 3min from pressing print button to first reaction of printer (Zebra).


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Dear Pugal

If the content of the label is static for all 50 label then GLM generates just one page and print that 50 times. GLM will generate the multiple pages only if your label includes a sequence number .i.e 1 of 50 ; 2 of 50, so each label have different conntect. This happens because GLM is using the standard Windows printer drivers which normally do not support the navtive faunctionality of a label printer. SAP consulting have a solution available for thermal transfer printers which are using the printer language ZPL.

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Dear Pugal

some "similar" discussion took place here:

Check may be:  bets practise GLM (file: 991_ERP605_Process_Overview_EN_XX.ppt) regarding GLM

I know that with EnhPack 7 some extension will be delivered in GLM area but I am not sure if this "issue" is covered.

I found this nice link:

and e.g.

May be these links helps you to start analysing options.


PS: may be check as well