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GLM - Label Languages

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Dear Experts,

This is regarding GLM label Languages.

when we are printing the label via MTO scenarion, the countries are getting determined automatically as shown below,

In above example,

  • printing labels via MTO ( Make To Order ) scenario
  • countries got determined automatically
  • As shown in this example, 4 countries got determined
  • So expecting label in following 3 languages in this case,
    • Dutch ( Belgium, Netherland )
    • Spanish ( Mexico )
    • English ( USA)

what we should do as a standard to print the label in a languages based on these countries which are getting determined automatically. so the main task of country determination based on process order is anyhow working as a standard.

what else we can do to print the label in a languages of countries which got determined here...

1) as a standard Solution

2) as a Custom Development

Thanking You,


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Ravi

check may be:

Dynamic Label Determination - Global Label Management (EHS-SAF-GLM) - SAP Library

And subchapter therein: "Use of the report language"

May be check as well:

Printing Labels Using a PC - Global Label Management (EHS-SAF-GLM) - SAP Library

Manual Print Request Generation - Global Label Management (EHS-SAF-GLM) - SAP Library

You will find hints about "Report language" selction for GLM labels


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