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GLM_font issue in label output

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Dear Experts,

I have an issue with output of  different fonts in label when it is generated through  " Report from template functionality' and 'Create Report' functionality. When I output a label from 'report from template' functionality in CG02  one specific window for supplier address outputs fonts in Ariel ( I understand it calls my front end). But when the same label is output from Create report functionality & released in CG50 ,the fonts  for the same panel are output in 'Verdana'. Rest of the entire label is in Ariel. Due to this issue the rest of the text in that window is pushed down and gets truncated.

Is this issue with the main wwi server?

Request your suggestions/tips to overcome this issue.

Thanks in advance


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Answers (2)

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Dear Ashish

my assumption would be:

1.) either local WWI and genServer WWI is not on same "SP" level

2.) local wwi.ini and genserver wwi.ini server does not contain same data

3.) winword version on local client and winworrd version on gen server is not the saem


If you have no need to"develop" labels it is recommended to use new SAP approach, IN this new approach you need no new local WWi but can use a "central WWI server

If you have the need to develop you must make sure (without any doubt and difference) that your "local" installaiton is the same as genserver set up (unclduing at least as well winword version).

Please check document:

Topic is discussed to some extent in "many similar" threads


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Hi Ashish,

This is first time your facing the issue ?? if not check the template code which font it is maintained , if it template code maintained in verdana output will come in verdana only,

These are the standard fonts available, I think its not server issue.

I think it helpful.