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GLM - Barcode

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Dear Experts,

I have installed Barcode Font c39qrtr.ttf (Code39 font) on my system and incorporated in WWI Label Template.

When I see the "Preview" via CBGL_MP01, I am able to see the Report Symbols ( e.g. Delivery Number) in Barcode Format.

But when I try to print the same, Barcode is not getting printed?

Also, would like to convey that, tested the same on ZEBRA pirnter but still not getting printed. (As per my knowledge, there is no need to add barcode font in font list of ZEBRA printer)

what else I need to do?

is something I need to do in WWI.INI file of WWI Server? Am i need to add this font there also? if yes, can anybody pls guide me how exactly I should write in WWI.INI file.

Will be glad if you could guide me.

Thanking You,



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Answers (2)

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Hi Amol,

as already mentioned you have to install the barcode font on the WWI server and on your pc.

If you make a preview your local installed fonts can be used from MS Word even if the WWI server does not have this font.



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Hi Amol,

The barcode font must be installed in WWI server too, not only in your system.

Read note 1293379 for more info.



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Hi Juan,

Thanks a lot for quick help.

I am finding note relevent to me.

I am adoping the Barcode via "Font Method"

There is one link for this method, which is not working.

Can any one able to open the link given? that link contains the resolution to problem.if yes, can you please pass the information to me.

Link is not getting open at my end.


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Hi Amol,

Here the content of your link:

Bar Code

To enable the SAP system to output values as bar codes, proceed as follows:


1. Acquire a registered font for your bar code and install it.

2. Write your own conversion program (ABAP function module) that adjusts the values. The interface must correspond to the function module C128_DUMMY_CONVERSION_METHOD.

3. Use the function module C128_DUMMY_CONVERSION_METHOD as the method for the corresponding symbol in the template (expansion mode M) or in the symbol definition.

4. Format the symbol in the template with the corresponding font.