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GHS pictogram issue

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report-from-template.pngreleased-report.pngHi Experts,

After creating Report from template for SDS in CG02 I am able to get all the required GHS label pictograms in sec. 2 of SDS, however once the SDS is released and checked only 2 GHS pictograms are seen, additionally there are /is no errors, what could be the issue?

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What product are you questioning? This doesn't appear to be a question related to the Primary Tag you selected.

If you don't select the correct Primary Tag, you are likely not going to get an answer to your question.


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we have these main processes

CG02: report from template

CG02 Create report

CG54/Cg50: to display a created WWI report (and the content of the WWI report)

Main difference: CG02: this is a "ad hoc" report; CG54/Cg50: here SAP has collected the data and a real document was created (and stored) in DMS.

For CG02: the pictogram to show up must be on your local client

For CG54/Cg50: we can assume that the pictogram is available on any WWI server

For WW processI: there is no "real error handling" in place. The End user has the full control which data should show u in report (based on WWI report template definition); e.g. a "simple" not existing "active flag" might hinder the WWI process to retrieve one specific data).

Therefore: there is no difference (normally) in content of WWI report. The "only": chance of a difference might be that after you have used "Cg02" (you have used "report from template" some data changed (and you are not aware of this data change). In this case WWI report content can be different

You please check the data once again (and compare "report from template") with CG54 content

PAY ATTENTION: if you do use "Change numbers" the story can be different