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Getting (any) project information from PPM

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In one of my WD-ABAP view, I need to get all information (all attributes) for (any) project in PPM. I am trying to find one way (a BAPI/ a Method) that will give all information.

However, as of now, I have to fetch project information (attributes) from DPR_PRJECT (table), BAPI_BUS2172_GET_DETAIL (BAPI) and CGPL_TEXT (table).

Can anyone please tell one way to get all project attributes at once?

The project I need to get information from is not opened project so I think I cannot use way of getting instance handle and using cl_dpr_project(guid). Although the WD-View is in enhancement of one of the DPR standard components.

Please note - SAP PPM version is 4.5 , SAP NW version is 7 EHP1 (SP6).

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Hi Swapnil,

DId you try cl_dpr_project_o->get_data_ext



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Hi Sri,

yes, I tried it but it gives all information for "Opened project". I mean we get session, instance, assign and call method in this case.

But I need all information (from the basic data and addtional data tabs) for "not-openend project". Hence I am using dpr_project table ; BAPI for location and area details and fetch description from the cgpl_text table.

Is this the only way (dpr_project + BAPI + cgpl_text) for "not opened project"?

Or is there any other way where we can get this onformation by one method like in case of opened project where get_data_ext gives all of the information.