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Execute Activity (like SU520) from MII


Hello community!

Is there a way to execute Activity (that is listed in Activity Maintenance) from MII transaction? I found PAPI executeActivity, but can't figure out what should be all the inputs.

I wanted to call resolveActivityExecutionDetails PAPI to get the input structure, but that PAPI always ends in error (no matter which activity I send as input), I assume this one is bugged.

I would need to call SU520 (Place SFC on immediate hold) from MII transaction.

Could anyone help, please?

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The HOLD PAPI are available in the Package, HoldServiceInterface, the method you want is placeSfcOnImmediateHold. If you don't have them already, Download the ME JavaDocs from for your version; they have complete documentation on all the exposed PAPI.

Regards, Steve


a6b2097e6e1a4bc8b405b753f47aa370 , thank you for quick answer. I tried to use placeSfcOnImmediateHold PAPI before, however there is a problem with this PAPI.

SU520 allows settings about SIGNOFF before SFC is placed on hold. This behavior can be turned off in Activity maintenance. If I use mentioned PAPI, the SIGNOFF can't be turned off and is always done (no matter the settings for SU520). I need to prevent the Signoff. I was checking for some input in the PAPI that would allow modify such behaviour, but there is none. That is why I was thinking of using the Activity SU520 from MII, instead of placeSfcOnImmediateHold as that may be using same Java method in the end, but the singoff can't be prevented (or I don't know how to do that). In activity_log table, there is mentioned activity SU520 in case of using Activity from ME and EXTERNAL in case of using PAPI, I don't think both variants run exactly the same code.

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