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Error while Syncing Substance with IUCLID

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Hi All,

I am trying to sync a substance with IUCLID, but I am getting these errors.  I sent the errors to the Basis help and he told me these errors are functional.  He also mentioned that this activity (Export data from source system and then import it into target system) has to be done, but I am unable to find the option for this.


Error while synchronizing the substance with IUCLID.

Technical background information on this message is available in the system log, ticket #4.  ------How can I check this log?

An error occurred that needs technical assistance. Contact your system administrator.

Additional information: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space ------This error lead me to believe it may be a Basis issue.

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Niraj,

The error normally occurs when importing, exporting or saving large amounts of data, for example substance datasets or dossiers containing large attachments.

In order to increase the usage of memory, when running the IUCLID 5 standalone version, you need to increase the –Xmx parameter found in the iuclid5.cmd file where all startup parameters are found. You also need to ensure that you have at least 1GB of memory available on your computer.

  1. Edit the iuclid5.cmd file.
  2. Change the command line:
    @start "IUCLID5" "javaw.exe" -Xms512m -Xmx768m ...
    @start "IUCLID5" "javaw.exe" -Xms512m -Xmx1024m ...(assign 1GB)
    or if your computer has a lot of memory:
    @start "IUCLID5" "javaw.exe" -Xms512m -Xmx2048m ...(assign 2GB)
    It is not recommended to assign more than half of the physical memory available.
  3. Save the file

Note: 1) All files are loaded into memory on the client’s computer; therefore you need to run the client connection with more memory: You can do this by selecting, from the available connections on your browser, "install IUCLID 5 Client (with 768MB RAM)" or "(with 1 GB RAM)", as shown in the figure below:

2) Ensure that you have shut down all other applications and that you have sufficient memory on your client computer.

Question 2)  How to find the INCLID log files?

IUCLID  standalone log file i5workstation.log or iuclid5.log:

Windows 7 'C:\Users\Your_ user_name\.iuclid5\'

Windows XP 'C:\Documents and settings\ Your_ user_name\.iuclid5\'

IUCLID  distributed architecture log files, the server log i5server.log and the client log i5client.log:

The  name of the server log file is i5server.log and the default location is the working directory of the servlet container.

C:\Program files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat X.x\i5server.log.

The migration log - iuclidMT.log file:

The migration log file iuclidMT.log is normally found in the same folder as the i5workstation.log or the iuclid5.log file. On the server version, the migration log file iuclidMT.log is normally found in the same folder as the i5server.log file.

IUCLID  backup and restore log files:

The backup log file, for example backup-20120507-084801.log and the restore log file, for example restore-20120420-104407.log, can be found in the same folder in which the IUCLID backups are stored. For example, if the IUCLID backups are stored in F:\IUCLID5 backups\5.3.0, the backup and restore log files will be found in the same location.

The Postgres log file:

The PostgreSQL log files can be found within a sub folder of the PostgreSQL installation directory, e.g. C:\ProgramFiles\PostgreSQL\8.4\data\pg_log\postgresql-2012-05-16235839.log (or similar), where 'postgresql-2012-05-16235839' is the most recent PostgreSQL log file.

More information about Error details have a look below Notes

1) 1687940  - Error during synchronization with IUCLID 5.3

2)1733593  - Follow-on error during synchronization with IUCLID 5.3

3) 1809850  - Support for IUCLID 5.4 interface

4)  1683044  - SAP PRC 2.0 SP04: Collection of corrections



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Hi Edward,

Sorry for the late reply.

I have been able to see the logs, and did in fact notice some issues with Memory, and I also need to have this substance created in IUCLID.

Also, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to first of all help and also give such detailed responses.  I have learned so much just from reading your comments and other documents that you post here in the EHS(M) community.

Thanks again for everything,


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Thanks Niraj,

How is going on new job? I hard about recently you have to joined one of the reputed MNC company. Good news.

Congrats!!!!!!!!and All the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, Thanks for your command, EHSM 3.0 really inserting component to learn. If you want any help or  information  ping our community any time (24/7).


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Dear Niraj

please describe which scnario your are using. Are we talking about "IUCLID" interface with SAP Reach and COmpliance Suite or a different interface ( I assume SAP Reach and Compliance Suite. Correct?


PS: there are "old" / "other" interfaces available as well. e.g. (by hazard found only the german version, sorry)

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Hi Christoph,

Yes, I am using the SAP Reach and Compliance Suite.  Logged on through the Web Portal.  I am very new to Reach and really not sure whats is going on, when I get these errors.  I did talk to another colleague, and he said that there may not be substances created in IUCLID and thats why we cant sync (EDIT:this is after showing him the same errors I posted here).

Also, do you have any inut regarding the activity that needs to be done. 

--Export data from source system and then import it into target system.

I really appreciate any help on this!

Thanks so much,