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ERROR SNCERR_INIT Resource problem or gssapi library invalid/missing sec_avail="false"


Getting Error in CPM while opening Excel for Financial Planning.

LOCATIONCPIC (TCP/IP) on local host P2CLAP-FZLWPV2 with Unicode ERRORSNCERR_INITResource problem or gssapi library invalid/missingsec_avail="false" TIME Fri Apr 03 21:43:21 2020 RELEASE 749 COMPONENT SNC (Secure Network Communication) VERSION 6 RC -1 MODULED:/depot/bas/749_REL/src/krn/snc/sncxx.c DETAILSncInit COUNTER 5

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Thank you for your question; I do not see how this question relates to Analysis Office; I have updated the tag. Please be careful when selecting tags in the future.

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