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Error message in uploading file to SAP 7.40

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Hello SAP experts,

Please help me to solve the below issue:

I am facing the microsoft Excel error log for many times I am trying to upload file in One SAP standard program. Trying to figure out the solution I have cleared the clip board data and version history of excel. Some times the issue is solved and I am able to execute program but may time I am getting the above attached error, also the program is getting dumped sometimes. But when I am trying to upload same file copy from different location of local machine it works.

I am confused whether it is excel issue or SAP version issue.

Kindly suggest any solution if you have.

Many thanks in advance.

Bear Regards,

Harshal Jaiswal

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Answers (3)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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What standard SAP program are you running? the above error is a Microsoft message, not a SAP error message.

If it is an unmodified standard SAP program and you are getting a dump please enter a SAP Incident to SAP Support.

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Once you cleared the clipboard, you could also remove the warning with

Application.DisplayAlerts = False
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It's not an error, it's a warning.

In your program, do:

  • Open Excel workbook
  • Copy cells
  • Paste somewhere
  • Unselect cells (application.cutcopymode = 1 'xlcopy) to avoid the warning while closing the workbook
  • Close Excel workbook

Maybe another possible solution is to set application.displayalerts = false before closing the workbook.

Find more information in stackoverflow.