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Error message in SDS report shipping processing

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Hello everybody,

we are running a SAP ECC 6.00 system with EA-APPL 15.

We are using the standard SDS shipping process of inbound documents triggered by delivery.

Everything worked fine, but all of a sudden each SD_CALL gets an error message in CVD1 in the flow trace:

Main function CVEB_RDOS_GENERATE was called


Shipping order processing terminated --> Message no. DV456

Status switch from Bundled to Errors found

CG5Z shows WWI server is up and running, SM59 shows no problem, service on WWI server is started.

I already checked the following OSS notes:

1075753 - Report shipping - Error during sending of inbound reports

1096697 - EH&S report shipping



But now I have no more ideas.

Every hint is highly appriciated, as the problem occurs on the productive system.

Best regards,


PS: Possible new reason: authorization check failed for the user:

Object Class BC_A

Authorization Object S_ARCHIVE

Authorization Field ACTVT --> value needed 01

Authorization Field ARCH_OBJ --> value needed CV_DVS

Could that be the reason?

Edited by: Christoph Giehl on Mar 11, 2011 10:27 AM

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Hello Christoph

only a guess: during the SDS shipment the program need to read SBRs from DMS or Archive. Furtheremore there is the need to read the cover sheets to process them and then at the end the SBEs are created (either in DMS or Archive) which stay normally samething like x days in the system and are deleted after that.

I believe that the access violation indicates may be that the user does not have enough rigths to create the SBEs.

Refer may be to this side:



With best regards


Edited by: Christoph Bergemann on Mar 11, 2011 1:05 PM

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Hello Christoph,

thank you for your answer - this is exactly where my thoughts are going to.

But - as we are using inbound PDFs we don´t need SBRs, don´t we? We are using IBDs instead, if I got this right?

Is there anybody with a different approach or other experiences?

Please feel free to enter the discussion.

Best regards,


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Edited by: Christoph Giehl on Mar 11, 2011 4:36 PM

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Hi Christoph,

What document type did you use for the report shipping of the inbound documents?



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Hello Joni,

the document type is IBD.

Best regards,


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Thank you

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Did you upgrade to ECC 6.0 recently and use UniCode and did it work before?

If yes, I think your defined size for eMail attachments is set to smal in the EH&S Report Shipment Customizing.

Hope this helps


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Hi Mark,

unfortunately we did no recent change to ECC 6.00 - but it worked before.

I will enlarge the customized size to check.

Thank you very much, Christoph

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Hi Crisptoh,

Did you resolve this issue? I can't find other threads that had issues with IBDs (CG36)