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Equipment status changing from 'ECUS' to 'ESTO' when doing goods receipt in MIGO

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Hello all,

In MIGO, we are doing Goods Receipt for serialized equipment using an Inter-company Outbound Delivery having Equipment status 'ECUS' (This is the Equipment status after the Goods Issue was done for Inter-Company Delivery)

However, while doing goods receipt the equipment status is suddenly changed to ESTO' (even before the stock posted into inventory) and subsequently SAP is providing error with short dump .

Moreover, it's happening infrequently, means for some of the cases the Goods Receipt can be done without problems. The Equipment appears in the Inventory and Status is 'ESTO' as expected. While in other cases, the Status is getting changed automatically to ESTO prior to Goods Receipt and SAP is producing the Short Dump.

Please help.

Details of the Short dump is as follows -

Short text of error message: "Goods receipts" is not allowed (EQU 700123402)

Long text of error message:

Diagnosis - The current status of object 'EQU 700123402' prohibits business transaction 'Goods receipts'.

Procedure : To process business transaction 'Goods receipts', you first have to change the status of object 'EQU 700123402' to allow the transaction 'Goods receipts'.

This gives you an overview of the system and user statuses that affect the transaction. A transaction can only be executed if there is at least one status that allows it and there is no status that forbids it.

Transaction analysis :

Technical information about the message:

Message class....... "BS"

| Number.............. 007

| Variable 1.......... "Goods receipts"

| Variable 2.......... "EQU 700123402"

| Variable 3.......... "PMS1"

| Variable 4.......... " "

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