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Environmental Compliance, EH&S and GRC ??

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I'm have been asked to look at the technical requirements for implementing Environmental Compliance.

I have found the EC3.0 implementation guide and it clearly lists the requirements for the installation.

However, looking around, I have found documents that have bundled EH&S Environmental Compliance into the GRC Solution.  We have just implemented GRC Risk Management v10 which recently jumped from v3 to V10 (and Java stack to ABAP stack).

Is a similar upgrade/migration being planned for Environmental Compliance and if so, what is the timeframe?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Doug

from my point of view: actually a clear strategy  is missing how SAP will  "combine" the different EHS tools/solutions with GRC tools/solutions etc.

If you do a survey at SAP side you will find terms like "sustaniability" etc. All these tools provide solutions which are useful to a certain extent taking account your demands. Some years ago SAP started to use BusinessObjects (e.g. (sorry german link)

Regarding your question: I have no idea if they will integrate GRC and Environmental Compliance solution; i have no indication that they wil do that; taking into account the past: I believe the integration of the tools will be enhanced step by step.

If you take a survey at SAP side using terms like e.g. "Strategy management" and others/similar terms there is a clear indication that SAP is working on the topic (higher integration). If you check the sides using SOA you will find further EHS solutions.

So I am sorry. I have actually no further information regarding the topic

With best regards


PS: take a look here: (check topic of "Strategy Management)

To a certain extent this link might be helful too:

PPS: If you do a survey of marketplace you will find further add on solutions (like Dashboards in the context of EHS SVT etc.); therefore different directions are followed: BI/BW tools (analyze EHS topics from the point of view of top management) and demands regarding data handling/Integration in processes to be more compliant etc.

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