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EHSM PRC -Pure substance use in regulatory list

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Could you please help me understand the functionality of pure substance mapping to listed substance in regulatory list ? if we mapped what advantage business would get ?

If we mapped pure substance to listed substance, can we able to do compliance check for pure substance also ?

I checked this SAP help, but could get to any conclusion.



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the concept of "pure_sub" and "List_sub" is not always well understood by EHS consultants and EHS users.

Principly: on LIST_SUB level you load (manage) "legal content". The "Pure_sub" object is then more the "real chemistry" and therefore you add data as "density, color, form etc. You can "link" both objects by using "reference" or "inheriting"

The normal EHS data model used is as:

a:) we have a material - REAL_SUB relation

b.) on REAL_SUB level we have the propterty tree "STANDARD"

c.) in this property tree there is a number of "composiion" like VAts; (e.g. "STANDARD COMPOSITION"). Here normally the "PURE_SUB" object is used; as the "PURe"_SUB" "inhirit" data from LIST_SUB: this is now true

If you use additional content "(e-.g. SERC rulesets) the ruleset will the read data from "PURE_SUB" (which get data from LIST:SUB) and then the rule set calculation is started/executed. The ruleset resutls are then stored on "REAL_SUB" level (e.g. check MSDS maker etc.)

Hope this helps