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EHS : Find Pure Substance From Real Substance

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Dear All,

Could you please help me find Pure substance from given real substance in EHS ?

Any BAPI ? or Any Direct Table ?

Best Regards,


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your demand is not "specific" enough. Data model is as:

YOu have REAL_SUB; and REAL_SUB can have components of type "PURE_SUB" in compositions and specification listing and as a "reference" or used in "inheritance".

What do we have? We have the standard functions (what we call "where used list" in CG02). This function uses a PURE_SUB and you can invest in which REAL_SUB this pure_sub is used (in which VAT more precisely).

The other way around is partially supported by an outputvariant (e.g. output variant EXCEL). But here you can control only 50 VAts in one run and you have no "control" of the component is of type "PURe_SUB" or other type

What exactly is your need/demand?