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EHS DGM and PS- Implementaion Guide

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Dear Experts,

Can anybody please convey me the SAP NOTE number to which Cookbook / Implementation guide for following is attached.

1) EHS-DGP : Dangerous Goods Management

2) EHS_SAF: Product Safety.

I got very old version of these two on Google but want the updated one..

Pls guide..


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Amol

I do not know any OSS note in which the "complete" overview might be given regarding the mentioned EH&S modules.

A good source of information regarding your question might be the "Best practise Guidelines" or r

These chapters are provided there:

Q50: EH&S and RM Basics

Q51: EH&S Product Safety

Q52: EH&S Dangerous Goods Management

Q53: Industrial Hygiene and Safety

Q54: Transformation of General Recipes

Q55: EH&S Waste Management

Q56: EH&S Business Compliance Services

I am mot sure if the guidelines are "up to date" in sense of aligned with ERP 6.0 Enh.PAck 5 (actually in Ramp up).

Regarding one "Subtask" of EHS_SAF: Product Safety you will in this FORUM a thread giving the OSS number regarding guideline of "report shipment" installation. You will find further Threads in this FORUM with an OSS note regarding an "implementation guideline" of EHS SVT

With best regards


PS: please take a look here: may be these OSS notes might be useful:

122400 EH&S installation: Composite SAP Note

493044 - Composite SAP Note: Relevant notes for EHS dangerous goods

1157472 FAQ: Dangerous goods problems after upgrade/EHS installation

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Edited by: Christoph Bergemann on Jan 5, 2011 9:10 PM

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Hello Christoph,

The key of the best practiques has changed to:

- Configurations

850: EH&S and RM Basics

851: EH&S Product Safety

852: EH&S Dangerous Goods Management

853: EH&S Industrial Hygiene & Safety

854: Recipe Management: Transformation of General Recip

855: EH&S Waste Management

856: EH&S Business Compliance Services

857: EH&S Substance Volume Tracking

- Scenarios

935: Chemicals: EH&S Product safety

936: Chemicals: EH&S Dangerous Goods Management

937: Chemicals: EH&S Industrial Hygiene and Safety

938: Chemicals: EH&S Waste Management

939: Chemicals: EH&S Business Compliance Services

940: Chemicals: REACH - Substance Volume Tracking

942: Chemicals: Transformation of General Recipes



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Dear Juan Carlos,

on Jan 7, 2011 you wrote


Could you please provide a hint to

- master documents
- install guides
- config guides

Many thanks in advance

Best Regards


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Hi Martin,

For example, you can choose SAP Best Practices for Quemicals V1,603 - Germany.

In the left menu, Implementation -> Discover your Scenarios, in the right panel 'Preconfigured Scenarios' Quality Management & compliance



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Hi Amol

Please find below attached link which contains recently updates Docs.

Thank you


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Hi Balajee

thank you

we are right through with installing BB 935 and 936

now we're going to get started with the regulatory content



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