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EH&S installation queries

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Dear Friends,

I am new to EH&S and i have to install now. Can you please some one help me with these questions.

Can we install, Expert server and WWI on same windows server ?

Do we need to install any additional add-on on SAP system to make it as EH&S system.?


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regarding: "Hence i have to create scope considering SAP EHS management and related components"

If you have never used EHS/EHSM before, you can in most cases not deal with a "scope". Normally the scope is based on a clear "customer" request having some "clear" ideas in mind (which EHS / EHSM processes need to be considered). The EHS/EHSM is just "empty" (with some minor customizing etc.); but it is not like a "demo system". If you need a "Demosystem". YOU MUST DEFINE the scope first. Then depending on the "case": it might take 6 months (or more) to prepare a useful Demo System

Normally in a situation like you you should ask SAP if there is any e.g. "on premise S/4 HANA" sandbox available with the so called "Best Practise for Chemical" set up (but this is only ! the starting position; your are clearly not ready for a "Demo" as you need set up to be done in SAP MM, SAP DMS and SAP SD (e.g. if you need a SDS/MSDS showcase)

Using this "sandbox" you can show something to a stakeholder community and then this stakeholder community can decribe (in most cases) which business case need to be supported and depending on the business case the "specific EHS/EHSM" set up need to be done

EHS/EHSM is such a "big software" that one person is not able to install this in such a way that you have a really usefull sandbox available.

The topic of "how to start an EHS project" is discussed quite often here

Regarding my "hints" before: i need to be a little be more precise: if you download SAP ERP software package in our days it it "includes" EHS but ! EHS must be activated to be used (and a lot of afterwork is required to have really a working EHS software in place)

If you have never done it: stop the work. You waste time and money.

Any how: you will find in the many blogs here a reference for a so called "consultant OSS note" refering to the "software" needed (for EHS in SAP ERP !); if i remember correct: this OSS note is listed in the blogs

But first: you must define;: do you would like o have now a "SAP ERP" set up or a "S/4 HANA" set up as the installation is really different.

Basicly this is the story:

For SAP ERP we have now the Enhancement Package 8 available (with some current SP status; I believe in april/may of a year the next Support Package can be downloaded (not checked SAP marketplace since a while)

For S/4 HANA: currently you can download version 1809 (for details: please check SAP marketplace); September this year the next major version will be available (with new EHS software)

Normally: if you succeed to set up EHS/EHSM the system is "empty" (from business point of view) and therefore "useless" as you can not use it as a Sandbox system to present something to an user community,

You must on top understand the other modules you normally need to have in place to have an EHS/EHSM system up and running like SAP MM; with out SAP MM: SAP EHS is more or less useless (in most cases),

Therefore. please read carefully the referenced blog in my answer.

Experience has shown that the "SCN/EHS" community acting here can not help in your case (you will find lot of similar threads with lot of discussion regarding this topic of EHS setup)


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Thanks lot for your patience and efforts here. Sorry for bothering you again.

This is the first time we are having this system in our landscape/project, Hence i have to create scope considering SAP EHS management and related components.

When i check Master guide for SAP EHS Management, Below are the software components required for SAP EHS system, Can you please confirm, with these software components SAP systems acts as SAP EHS system.

Required :
Component extension for SAP EHS Management SAP Environment, Health and Safety Management Extension (EHSM) 600 Regulatory Content for SAP EHS MGMT. EXTENSION (EHSM REG CONTENT) 100SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAPSAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.4 SP Stack 09 or higher User Interface Technology - SAP_UI 7.50 SP Stack 04 or higher SAP NetWeaver Gateway Foundation - SAP_GWFND 7.40 SP Stack 14 or higher SAP ERP - SAP enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0 SP Stack 06 or higher SAP Business Suite Foundation 747 - SAP_BS_FND 747 SP Stack 07 or higher SAP NetWeaver Application Server (Java) with Adobe Document Services (ADS)SAP NetWeaver 7.4 or higher - Required for generation of Adobe Interactive Forms.

Thanks & Regards,


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to install EHS/EHSM without a "Blue Print" of project scope and demand is not a good idea.


1.) As per my understand WWI and EH&S can be installed on Windows server.=> you can do it like that but this is NOT Best practise (read my last answer); this approach is only feasible for a "Demo" system

2) SAP EHS Management = SAP ERP + Component extention 6.0. - Is my understanding correct. => Depends on what your need is: According to SAP help: SAP EHS Managemenbt bundles more than these two solutions

a.) You need SAP ERP (if possible with last Enhancement package)

b.) You need to activate EHS; depending on case: EHS does need different set up than EHSM (refer to the many discussions regarding the solutions)

EHS and EHSM is different ! software

=> EH&S Expert installation document is not found => if i remember correct;: some "small" documentation is related to EHS Expert / OCC in the "softwaredownload" package

There is no ! real guideline for EHS Expert installation (e.g. some IMG entries; but not more) => check all the threads here for SAP EHS Expert => Experience has shown: Not easy to install (and with out content any how "useless")

Regarding: S4HANA 1709/1809 system as EHS

This is a completely different scenario, Story is like: Install S/4 HANA; acticvate EHS software (as like you would use SAP ERP) and if needed download Component Extension (this is an add on) and install it:

BUT READ Carefully the "Simplification list". Some EHS component are not available any more if you use S/4 HANA

READ THE MANY THREADS FOR EHS Setup in SAP ERP or S/4 HANA existing here

Make sure that there is a "Blue Print" with project scope. If this does not exists: Stop your work.


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Hi C.B.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Can you please clarify :

I have a requirement to install EHS System with EH&S Expert and WWI.

As per my understand WWI and EH&S can be installed on Windows server.

SAP EHS management system -Planning to install on Linux server.

SAP EHS Management = SAP ERP + Component extention 6.0. - Is my understanding correct.

I got WWI setup guide - 1394553 - EH&S WWI server installation instructions - EHS_WWI_Setup_Guide_EN.pdf .

EH&S Expert installation document is not found, Can you please provide the URL or related note, How to install EH&S Expert.

How to make S4HANA 1709/1809 system as EHS system ? Can we install Component Extention 6.0 on S4HANA 1709/1809 system ?

Thanks for your help!

Thanks & Regards, Bharath

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these (that means your questions) are core basic EHS questions. Please read first this blog:

Do a download of any available document from SAP marketplace (e.g. any installation guide etc.; all this is dicussed quite often here). Especially do download of documents regarding:

1.) WWI installation

2.) EHS Expert installation

Don't start the job if you have no clue regarding EHS. You will not succeed... (or there is only less chance).

Regarding your last question:

1.) assuming you are using SAP ERP current version

2.) Depending on your focus: you must then download EHSM solution (as this is still and "add on" solution and activate EHS in SAP ERP

3.) then you Can start core configuration (for EHS or EHSM); for EHS: there is some "Best Practise" available: for EHSM: according to my knowledge: not "Best Practise" solution available (But this "Best PRactise" can be used more or less only to prepare may be a "demo" System; and yes it might be a good starting point for EHS set up; but stlll lot of work needed)

Any thing what is needed then should be in place to use SAP EHS.

Anything else: please check the Blog. The topic is discussed so often here.

Regarding your other question:

Can you install WWi and Expert server on the same box?

According to my knowledge; answer is yes: But this is clearly not ! Best Practise (as you need normally a "WWI Server farm" and a "Expert Server farm" only if you have to support a big company