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EH&S Expert server rules

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I know that you can purchase standard rules for the rule server that take care of the different inventory list and can set notification statuses. However I was wondering if there are rules available or that you can create rules by yourself that check for specific listed-substances in a composition that exceed a specific reference value. I will need this for example for calculating ROHS compliancy, but I need this also for company specific checks with a company specific list of substances with specific reference values.

I know that the product compliance and reach-tool (PRC) supports this functionality, but I think it is a overkill to use this tool only for this calculation purposes. So if it the calculation also can be managed by using the expert-tool it would be great. I s there anyone who has experience with this kind of calculations within the expert-tool? If so I was wondering where you maintain for a listed-substance the reference value for a specific regulation.



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Hello Paul,

US State RTK goes into that direction, excerpt:

"Pennsylvania Right to Know Act:

u2022 A component has a concentration >= 3 %

u2022 A component is on the PA RTK list and has a concentration >= 1 %

u2022 A component is on the PA RTK list as u201CSpecial Hazardsu201D and has a concentration >= 0.01 %

u2022 A component is subject to PA Environmental Hazards"

The threshold values of 3%, 1% and 0.01%, respectively, can be adjusted manually in the mapping.