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dynamic linking materials to substances

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Is it possible to link a material master on a more dynamic way to a substance? I am dealing with a SAP system that uses configurable materials. Based on the charateristics of the configured material in the sales order, I am able to find the correct substance (depending on the value of the characteristics the substance could differ). All processes like MSDS-shipping should work as default.

I am looking for a user-exit or BADI to get the job done, but can't find anything at the moment. Does anyone have a solution fir this requirement?

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Hello Paul

I have never heard about a requirement like you are asking for. Similar questions I do know (if you sell "performance to a customer" and not "chemistry") but the answer is always: the link material and specifciation is stable and not detected/determined dynamically.

From my point of view: never try to find the link material = specification dynamically. The link is absolut critical and must be stable in my opinion.

This link is so important and critical in any sub EH&S process (e.g. DG management, HSM managment, SVT, GLM, BOMBIS etc. etc.) that you should never try to make it "dynamic". A further reason not to make it "dynamic" are inquires in EH&S. If you would perform that inquiry on day 1 you would find may be specification A and on day 2 specification B and on day 3 specification 1 again.

I have no experience with "Configurable Materials". I believe EH&S is not supporting this scenario. I shortly read cross

May be take a look at "recipe Management" which is supported in EH&S. May be a further option.

With best regards


PS: I am "not" so "sure" regarding your topic: All processes like MSDS-shipping should work as default; personally I have some doubt that it would really work but as I have now knowledge regarding "configurable materials" it might work

PPS: how should Cg50/cg54 work in your scenario? you have as search criteria either specification or material number; I believe the user will be "confused" if on day 1 by using matnumber 1 he/she will find MSDS on spec 1 and the next day on spec 2 or which solution do you use in this scenario?

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