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dump ASSERTION_FAILED in Risk assessment Standard webdynpro

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i've been asked to add a new tab after basic information in a standard webdynpro.

it all went ok but when i tried to add a new field ( REMARKS ) it short dumps.


this happens in BO where i made a mistake for sure.

the custom root is built like ROOT_COMMENT and i named ROOT_DETAILS.

i added the field in data structure and transient structure ( DETAILS_TEXT, DETAILS_KEY, DETAILS_KEY_REF )

delegation class : /BOBF/CL_LIB_DELEGATION_BOPF

ref. business object :EHFND_TEXT_COLLECTION

everytime i change something in the dynpro this dumps appears :

Category ABAP Programming Error Runtime Errors ASSERTION_FAILED ABAP Program CL_EHFND_TEXT_COLLECTION_MNGR=CP Application Component EHS-MGM-FND-BOC

screen 1 Custom BO

screen 2 Custom root same as standard ROOT_DETAILS

screen 3 association TO PARENT

screen 4 Associaton TO ROOT

can you guys help me?

thank in advance


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