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Drop down UN list + Dangerous Goods Description

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Hi there,

Can anyone guide me through the process of how to customize the drop down of the dangerous goods master element DGNU (Un number) and accompanying dangerous goods description (PDGNUD)

In our 4.6 environment, this is working fine. Now I want to transfer to SAP 6.0 and this is not working anymore.

I read here and there that the datamodel changed and that for this piece, SAP is now using phrases and phrase sets. Unfortunately, no experience inhouse on this topic.

Scanning through the forums and Goole is not making the picture clear for me.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Kind regards,


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I have made a small wrap up in my original message as I saw your question. I hope this helps. Some notes and tips and tricks there.

Sorry for the layout but it seems that last message does not know how to handle nice spaces.

Groetjes / Regards


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There is a post regarding this topic in this FORUM. Take a look here:

Yes data model changed.

And yes things are different now.

You need now phrases, phrase catalog, phrase group, translations etc.

Regarding these topics you need to do a little bit of customizing so that you can use the phrases.

I assume you are using DG only without PS? I have only experience in using PS and DG together and not using DG alone. May be someone different can assist if you use DG only.

The online SAP help regarding DG is good to get an idea how to go on ( => Topic Dangerous Goods Management (EHS-DGP) )

Furthermore I believe there are best practises available on SAP marketplace etc.

With best regards


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