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DRF Loipro 2 IDOCs

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Hi all,

We get sometimes two idoc´s (LOIPRO > ShopOrder) with the same content, and nearly at the same time in our ERP System (within 1 second..)

We transfer the ShopOrder via DRF to our SAP ME instance > In ME we have to release the order immediatly (via passhandler in the Workflow),... But with the Second IDOC.. the ShopOrder is set on HOLD >> this is a standard routine and I know that..


The two IDOC´s comes from ERP from 2 different servers ( I can see that because the IDOC number are in different number ranges ( SNRO: EDIDOC >> Main Memory Buffering 1000 ) )


Does anybody know this sympthom ?

Can a kind of "overlapping" happen? ( mean: Server 1 start to replicate, and Server 2 starts also to do that ? ... kind of performance troubles in the LOCK services... ?



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