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DMC - Marking a material relevant for backflush in ERP

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Dear All

Can anyone please explain how in DMC a material can be marked to be relevant for backflush at ERP?

In DMC, I have noticed that Backflush Indicator has been removed from material and introduced at BOM component level.

This decision make sense as one material can be used in several BOM and in one BOM it can be relevant for backflush where as in another BOM it might not.

The confusion is that in ERP there is no provision at BOM component level to set the backflush indicator. In ERP backflush can be set either at Material level, WorkCentre level or at Routing operation level.

Question is how this backflush indicator shall be set at DMC BOM component level as there is no provision of manual maintenance of this backflush indicator at BOM component level.

I have tried by setting the backflush indicator at material level and then tried to transfer both material and BOM, it didn’t work.

Can anyone please help?


Soumya Das

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